Monday, August 24, 2009

some people dont even know what to call it...anyone thats ruins a friendship for a boy/girl you know you cant have a relationship with anyways is frankly just dumb! had a going away party today..seeing as within the next 2 weeks we are all leaving..and all i want to say to your face is your not welcome here anymore! you couldnt care less about the friendships youve ruined cuz your ditching this party to go see people or person youve seen all weekend already...lame! grow up! its intresting how you find out who your friends are and who were people maybe just passing through and area of life...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

hm, still awake at 3:14 am....just got home from the city not to long ago, had a good chill time with friends. now i should be sleeping but instead im on the internet. my eyes would like sleep but the rest of me could stay up for hours yet! i have realized that staying up this late however is not a good thing! i go to school in 14 days...i will need my sleep then so should get in the habbit of going to bed say 11 maybe haha. ANYWAYS i've rambled enough for now..

Friday, August 21, 2009

i wanna be the girl he gives his hoodie to wear & cuddles up to me when its cold. i want him to come up behind me & wrap his arms around my waist, catch me off gaurd & whisper in my ear, you look beautiful
i want a boy...
who would shove icecream in my face
who would wrestle with me
who would show me off to his friends
who treats me with respect
who will call me at four in the morning
to tell me he cant stop thinking about me
who sings to me, even if he cant
who could break my heart
but wouldnt dream of it

Thursday, August 20, 2009


today the sun is shining and it brings a smile to my face. the summer has bin quite short, almost non-existant! so today i will enjoy the warm sun, maybe sit outside and relax. before you know it the warm weather will be gone and the snow will be here haha so enjoy it while its here!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some people frankly just upset me. they think they are SO cool and that they are ALL that but the truth is, they are human to, they fail they fall they make mistakes so how are they any different from you and i. everybody loses, fails, falls apart, and makes mistakes at times in life. so why do people classify themselves as BETTER than others when in reality we are all the same. i just dont understand at all! cant they see it or are they to caught up in themselves to even notice? hmm....for anyone thats reading this just keep in mind that you are never alone in your life dissapointments, the person next to you has them too

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sometimes i wonder why things end the way they do. it can make life so hard at times - the broken heart. it takes so long to heal, but do you realize how hard it is to get over you? thinking about what we had makes me smile, and then brings a tear to my eye because the friendship we talked about well there isnt really one. im curious to know how you feel about being friends, but im to scared to ask in fear of rejection. so i will live always wondering until the day i have the courage to ask you.