Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some people frankly just upset me. they think they are SO cool and that they are ALL that but the truth is, they are human to, they fail they fall they make mistakes so how are they any different from you and i. everybody loses, fails, falls apart, and makes mistakes at times in life. so why do people classify themselves as BETTER than others when in reality we are all the same. i just dont understand at all! cant they see it or are they to caught up in themselves to even notice? hmm....for anyone thats reading this just keep in mind that you are never alone in your life dissapointments, the person next to you has them too


  1. hmm I like this. but i do think that often times those people do that to make themselves feel better because they are hurting and have a poor esteem. Sometimes they are the ones that really need to be reached.

  2. yes true, ha this is a one sided rant ..ya know sometimes you dont think about the other side until after