Monday, February 15, 2010

well its bin a while since ive written on school has been pretty awesome definately learning a lot/ finiding out how much i really did not know about the bible! the boyfriend is absolutly amazing as well. yesterday in church the pastor was speaking on how we need to love anyways not love because of certain things. i really enjoyed the message because no matter where you go or what you do in life there are always going to be poeple that are hard to love but to love them anyways is a good challenge! i have seen the benefits of being loved anyways and its really awesome. some people know that i have a past that at times is hard to deal with but you know what, God loves me anyways and my bf chooses to love me anyways. i feel so blessed by the poeple who choose to love no matter what. thats what i want to be able to do for all people that are in my life. not to love them because they are good to me or because they make me happy but love them anywas even if they mess up and fail sometimes. even i dont want to love them some days but i choose to love them anyways! if people all over the world could do this think of how wonderful the world could be. unfortunatly lots of us including christians love because not anyways.....

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  1. YES! this is such a good reminder. I actually thought about it the other day. Some of us were having a conversation on relationships and saying I love you and I said sometimes its dumb b/c people attach a "b/c of ..." to the I love you. A person shouldnt love another because of something they should just love! what a wonderful thing to learn. and its something that I think we learn and deal with on a daily basis.
    PS I love you! :)