Wednesday, October 27, 2010

embracing our brokenness

ok so today in chapel the speaker was talking about how we need to embrace our brokenness. there was a few of us students that were talking to the speaker about being authentic and how it is hard to be that in a christian bubble, where it should be the easiest place to be open. even tho we talked about it yesterday, it hit me so hard today. we have this community of believers that we can rely on to help us bear our burdens but we dont often use it. i know for myself it is so hard to be completely authentic with other people because im scared of what they will think of me. i often act like i have it all together when im torn inside and dont know how to deal with whats going on. and the speaker was talking about how we often say that we are being broken, but really we are just coming to the realization of how broken we really are. it is a good reminder especially for me, that even tho i can act like i have it all together and people can think that i do because of how i act or what i say, that God knows the truth. he sees the depths of my heart and he knows all about my brokenness and what it will take to be healed.
its often hard to find that person(s) that you can be totally real with, but i know for the sake of getting through it all, i need to find mine.

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